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    Discover ideas about Nonfiction Books. Chetan Bhagat has many bestselling novels to his name like Five Point Someone, One Night @ the Call Center, The 3 . Chetan Bhagat is one of the most successful writer of all time especially for the youths of 21st century. His best novels are 5 Point Someone. PDF | On Apr 1, , Tanu Gupta and others published Love and Sex: Frank and of the novel today. Chetan. Bhagat is proved bold here in dealing with sex, .

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    It shut down in six months but Chetan stayed on in Hong-Kong for eleven years, moving to Goldman Sachs.

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    It was to spite his boss that he started writing his first novel. His boss was very bad. So to take revenge on him he started writing in office.

    Chetan Bhagat is one of the prominent contemporary novelists who have earned a very significant place in the hearts of the youth today. He is an active and alert writer who keeps a note of very minute things taking place in the surroundings. His novels are replete with fictitious stories followed by some of the relevant and burning issues of our society.

    Reflected Themes in the fictions of Chetan Bhagat: Chetan Bhagat is an immortal name when it comes to writing of fiction as he has been known as the role model of the youth in India.

    He has written about 7 fictions and one non- fiction and almost in every novel he has highlighted his deep concern about the youth today i. His novels give us a clear picture of his concern. Confidential Bhagat is the first to admit that he is no Arundhati Roy, the Indian Booker Prize winning author and says he knows critics feel his books are shallow. According to Bhagat- Indian youngsters live under pressure-cooker conditions to succeed. Entrance to top universities often requires ninety percent- plus averages and most children have after-school tutoring to attain such marks.

    His writing subjects include parental academic pressure along with pre-marital sex, drinking and other topics taboo in socially conservative India. The Story of My Marriage , Revolution Love, Corruption, Ambition , Half Girlfriend Following are some themes which are reflected in the fictions of Chetan Bhagat. Love, Sex and Marriage Throughout his novels Chetan Bhagat has given emphasis on the treatment of of love, sex and marriage as theme.

    Love, as it is an instinctual feeling the young generation feels the vibrations of it every now and then, but the way they propose it and the carrying out love have definitely changed.

    As we see in his fictions, there are love proposals and rejections, but everything is taken quite healthily or say in a matter- of fact way. In India, where marriage is a sacrament, a man and a woman living together Confidential without getting married is a sin.

    No other writer of the past, but Bhagat sanctified sex in his works.

    Chetan Bhagat Books

    They watched the reluctance of the woman in it, whereas Bhagat has installed it in the willingness of the woman. They are equal to them in all respects.

    He is an advocate to the liberation and empowerment of women, but the pity is that he has equaled them only in doing the wrong things and taking wrong turns like Neha enjoying her loss of virginity and thanking her partner, which shows her hunger and want for sex. He has even raised the issue of Inter caste Marriage in his works.

    Representation of Youth In the third chapter there will be the detailed study of the representation of youth in the novels of Chetan Bhagat. Almost in every novel he has highlighted his deep concern about the youth today i. Throughout his novels he has tried to present the different problems that the youth is facing.

    Everyone is trying to get success in their struggle in love, business, employment, relations etc. The youth presented in the fiction has hope and aspiration. They are optimistic. Because of these novels has mass appeal.

    He stresses the importance of redefining the social values. He writes about India as an Indian. He writes about each aspect of India like its culture, its problems, and its language and depicts the life of young generation. However, couldn t stop thinking about my encounter with the mysterious Madhav. However, something about those torn pages, the dead person and her half boyfriend, or whoever he was, intrigued me.

    Don t go there, my mind screamed down its own suggestion. But thirty minutes later, switched on the lights in my room, fished out the!

    Most pages were too damaged to read. Riya had written about her fifteenth birthday in Delhi. He followed my instructions. I felt like the entire island existed only for this one reason, our kiss. And you know what happens next. If Debu was beer, this was champagne.

    If Debu was a boat, this was a luxury cruise. It would take Radhika a year before realizing that Neel is not the man for her. The sudden revelation occurs to her during a discussion about motherhood. New York. And you know what that means: constant bugging. One day, Radhika succumbs to the pressure and decides to look through some profiles on the website — through her own profile set by none other than her mother.

    She eventually connects with the Brijesh Gulati from the Prologue. Complicated already, sure, but, wait, it gets even more complicated: Neel also contacts Radhika out of the blue and, out of the bluer is that even an expression?

    Apparently, he regrets leaving Radhika as well and to prove this, he has brought his divorce papers with him. Her decision? When the only viable move — is not to move. She calls both Debu and Neel the morning before the wedding and at AM, at a coffee shop, she relates to them her feelings: I am not coming with you, or with you.

    And I plan to be a lot more successful than what you saw.

    So, sorry, no […] And Neel, you are amazing, no doubt. The chartered plane, tempting, of course. Now with the divorce and everything I know you love me too. But you know what, you love only half of me.

    My other half is Kusum, the woman you left. You want a party girl. Someone young, who allows you to cling on to your youth. The same youth you work so hard in the gym for.

    He likes Radhika, his young vice president, but will he like Radhika, the diaper-changing wife and mom? Just two minutes after this, as Neel and Debu leave, Brijesh enters the coffee shop. For the next few months, Radhika travels around the world to find out what she really likes.

    Eventually, she contacts Brijesh while on a route to San Francisco. The two meet for a coffee and reconnect. He says yes. And then they start laughing.

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