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Jaid Black is the founder and driving force of Ellora's Cave Publishing, the award- winning online source for erotic literature. She is also the founder and. These Sexy Hunks are Larger Than Life, Hard Bodies Who are Playing Easy to Get From New York Times bestselling author. Three erotic tales of romance set in the distant future Dementia by Jaid Black: Dee Ellison is catapulted from earth and ends up in a mysterious alien world.

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Jaid Black - Trek Mi Q'an 02 - No Escape - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Jaid black death row 1 the fugitive. 1. THE FUGITIVE (PART I) @LuVs$; 2. PrologueMy beloved Kerick,How I grieve for you for all that you. The Obsession book. Read 8 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Neil Macalister, a conservative and oh-so-proper lecturer of mathemati.

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Perversely, she felt her body respond to the knowledge it was beingwatched. A big difference. Nellie took her time locating a sheer lab coat, giving her voyeuristic bossplenty of time to bring himself to completion while watching her. Still feigning obliviousness, she turned around and offered the sensorycameras a full view of the front of her nude body.

She allowed a confused frownto mar her face as she pretended to glance around, searching out other placeswhere a sheer lab coat might be located. Just then the ventilation system came on full blast, inducing Nellie to gaspwhen the chilled air hit her square in the face. Her rosy nipples immediatelyhardened and elongated, which she realized was what Henders had been hopingwould happen.

His office was located on the other side of the concourse, but shealmost felt as though she could hear him gasping and groaning while he yankedhimself off into oblivion.

She decided on the latter. Closing her eyes, she ran her hands over her breasts, her full lips partingslightly on a sigh as she began to massage her nipples. She used her thumbs andforefingers to latch onto the bases, gasping as she massaged upward to the tip ofher nipples and back. She tried to pretend she was alone in her domicile anddoing this for her own pleasure, for Henders was a vile, disgusting man, and itmade her skin crawl to think about the fact that he was watching her dosomething so private and intimate.

You need to finish that serum andHenders is your only protection from the others. Resolved, Nellie continued to massage her nipples as she hoisted herself uponto a nearby table and spread her thighs wide so her employer would get thebest show possible.

She was careful not to knock over any beakers as she settledatop the table, preparing to masturbate herself into orgasm. She continued to toy with a plumped up nipple in one hand while her otherhand began roaming downwards, over her lightly tanned belly, then lower stillthrough the triangle of dark red curls pointing toward the flesh of her cunt. Her nipples jutted out as her head fell backand her eyes closed. Her free hand came up and rubbed over her stiff nipples, then fellonce more to her lap.

On a groan she stuffed two fingers into her cunt, gaspingand moaning as she finger-fucked herself with one hand and masturbated herclit with the other. Blood rushed to her face to heat it. Blood coursed into her nipples, elongatingthem to the point of near pain.

Gasping, she fucked herself as hard as she could with two fingers asthe orgasm ripped through her belly in a tidal wave of sensation. All he could see was her body laying spread out on the table like asubmissive offering, her nipples stabbing up into the air, the flesh of her cuntripe and swollen from a recent and powerful orgasm.

She laid there for a coupleof minutes like that, panting until her breathing resumed its normal gait. She felt the sensory cameras turn off as she walked over to where her labcoat lay, and she breathed a sigh of relief at realizing that the show was well andtruly over for tonight.

Her nostrils flared at the injustice of it all as she snatchedthe woolen robe up off of the ground. And, shethought bitterly, was freedom at such a steep price truly freedom at all? The result a couple of generations later had equaled disaster, for the planet wasnow overrun with men, making it so females of all races and nationalities werevery rare—and very expensive.

Hypothesizing and finding answers came to her as easily asbreathing. Researching and experimentation was as natural to her as violencewas to sub-humans…Sub-humans, she reminded herself as she finished donning the woolen labcoat—she was their best hope for help for few other scientists seemed to care ifthey lived or died. If she had to endure Henders and his voyeurism for a bitlonger in order to finish that serum, then she would.

She had lost her ownmother to infection. She wanted to save other children from the same fate thathad for all intent and purposes orphaned her at age fourteen. Ten minutes later, Nellie flicked off the virtual display screen and paddedover toward the sliding sensory door, ignoring the sound of rushing air as itwhisked open. She gasped a moment later when she walked head first into aman, her face hitting a solid wall of muscle.

They were so intense—frighteningly intense—that for a moment shefeared a sub-human had broken into the biosphere. But when she considered thathis eyes were steel gray as opposed to that haunting blood-red color, she knewshe was letting her overactive imagination rot her brain. The man said nothing, which made her more nervous. He simply stared ather from under the cowled hood of his black robe, his intense eyes flicking overher face, and over her body.

Nellie backed up a step. He was handsome, yes, but he was far too intense. And eerily quiet. She backed up another step as her eyes flicked over his chiseled masculineface. The rest of his features were as intense as his eyes—brooding lips, a hawklikenose, an expression akin to chilled stone…She turned and walked away from him, no longer caring if she came acrossas rude or not.

The man frightened her. And given her family history, it took alot to frighten Dr. Nellie Kan. She could feel his intense eyes following her movement, like a predatortracking prey. She realized that he was still watching her, not needing to turnaround and see him to confirm it. She walked faster, and faster still, desperate toreach the main atrium off the corridor where she knew she could lose herself inthe crowd…Footsteps.

Slow and heavy at first, then quick and paced closer together. Shit, she thought uneasily, the man was following her. Nellie picked up the edges of her woolen robe and sprinted at top speedtoward the corridor. The footfalls matched her pace, the sound of them gettingcloser and closer and—She pushed open the heavy doors with an oomph, and bodily thrust herselfinto the atrium. The doors fell shut behind her. The footfalls came to an abrupt halt.

A group of ten females, chained and naked brides-to-be, were led in aprocession in front of her, preparing to be taken to the bathing chamber beforebeing auctioned off in marriage to the highest bidder. A group of young maleswere gathering around to watch, their moods light and festive as they playfullytweaked at the nipples of the females passing by. She was safe—for now. Her badge madeit so she was safe in the atrium, her protected status clear to one and all.

She sighed, her head shaking slightly. Her teeth sank down into her bottom lip as she slowly backed away from thebeautiful red-haired woman who lay naked on the bed, her entire body convulsing.

Her motherbegan frothing at the mouth, her perfect body violently shuddering. His dark head shot up, then twisted around. Daffy-dolly fell to the ground, forgotten. Just a dream. This time. Sucking in a large tug of air, she threaded her fingers through her hair,grabbing handfuls by the root, and fell backward into the extravagant silkpillow-bed. She closed her eyes and expelled the breath slowly.

Unable to move, his body still stunned by the blow, he could only laythere in defenseless horror as a low growling sound drew closer.

His head came up slowly, and his eyes filled with tears, as they clashed with a bloodredgaze. Her eyes,gray again, looked frantic, desperate. Kerick bolted upright within the concealed cave, sweat plastering roguewaves of hair to his forehead. Sucking in a large tug of air, he threaded his fingers through his hair,grabbing handfuls by the root, and fell backward onto the cold slab of stone andwarm animal hides. He closed his eyes and expelled the breath slowly.

The inmates left a gory trail of death in theirwake, killing the warden and severely injuring five guards in the process of escaping…Freshly showered, Nellie stood within the dwelling chamber of her domicile,readying herself for a grueling workday before indulging in breakfast.

Her gazeflicked up to the virtual wall console. She absently watched the news storyunfold as she twisted her long hair into a tight bun atop her head. It is believed by the Hierarchy that the inmates have fled to the Dublin biosphere,where at least one of them was born and still holds strong Underground ties.

The AltunHa Hierarchy Command Centre has issued an official warning to the leaders of Biosphere5, declaring the escapees armed and extremely dangerous…She lost interest, not all that curious about news that was so far removedfrom her everyday life. She padded into theauto-kitchen, found and peeled a banana, crammed a huge bite of the sweet fruitinto her mouth, and schlepped toward the office in her domicile with Dr. She sighed. She had a hell of a lot of work to do. If the scientist haddone so, there had been a reason.

She just had to figure out what precisely thatreason was.

Jaid Black

Her eyesflicked over its silver body, the appearance of the expensive piece of machineryresembling that of a naked woman with skin made of steel. The only part of thedroid that could pass for human was her pussy. It looked, felt, and carried thescent of a real female vagina.

In a world where women were rare and mensought pleasure wherever they could get it, she was hardly surprised that droidshad been modeled in such a fashion.

Nellie buried her face back into thejournal, the next entry catching her attention. And Jesus said unto him, Come out of the man, thou unclean spirit. And he asked him,What is thy name? And the demon answered, saying, My name is Legion, for we aremany. She sighed,the diary dropping into her lap. She supposed she was pretty enough, but then again all femaleswere, as plainness in female fetuses had been engineered out long ago untilevolution had finally taken over and humans had naturally stopped creating anyfemale offspring that were in the least bit unattractive.

Her lips turned down into a frown when she considered the fact that thesame engineering had never been done on male fetuses. It was as common, if notmore common, to see an unattractive man as it was to see a handsome one. But women—women were a different story.

Women were always a differentstory, she sighed. Much of it had been engineered in the womb to one day give the man whodownloadd her as a wife the most pleasure possible, but some of it, like the colorof her hair, was authentically her own. The colors always bounced back within the fifth yearof life, proudly proclaiming themselves to be there. And there was one other thing geneticists could no longer do, Nellieconsidered.

They could no longer interfere with the gender of a human embryo. When it had first become apparent that the females of the race were dyingout, the male scientists had tried in desperation to stop any more would-bemothersfrom breeding sons. But by then it had been too late, for the femalereproduction system had evolved with its environment, rejecting embryoslacking a y chromosome, and for a solid thirty years not even one female birthhad occurred.

The three decades long famine of female offspring had transpiredover eighty years ago, but the effect had turned out to be a profound and longlastingone. For the most part they are stupid, pathetic creatures. Good Cyrus, but my five year old son shows more intelligence than they everdid at forty and five! Nellie grinned at the memory. She slipped into her skirt as she absentlyglanced at the image map.

I say this not out offanaticism, as many if not all of my colleagues perpetually accuse me of, but out oftruth. Think about it: If you have a thousand men and one woman,all thousand of those males can fuck that one woman until their cocks dry up and theirballs quit making seed, and yet what is the result in nine months time? The result isone, or in extreme cases two to three, babes. Now put one male in a room of a thousand women, spilling his seed left and right, andwhat is the result in nine months time?

A thousand babes or more. As I said, the male is biologically more expendable than the female…Nellie studied her body intently on the image map, her eyes flicking over herform. She had been engineered in the womb like all other females had been sothat when she grew into womanhood she would be the walking, talking,breathing epitome of male aesthetic pleasure.

Her legs were long and lithe, with just a hint of padding around the thighs tomake it comfortable for the male to ride her body for long periods of time.

Herbreasts were huge—veritable watermelons—firm and perky, yet lush and soft. Her areolas were large, round, and rosy, and her nipples were generally stiff. Her face had been hand-sculpted by a genetics artist in the image of maleperceivedfemale perfection.

Full lips, cat-like eyes, a small slip of a nose thatpointed a tad upward at the tip…But the dark red hair was hers, inherited from her mother. She frowned.

Dementia Jaid Black Epub To Pdf by darcadipmo - Issuu

Her breasts, of course, were to be left non-attired. Chapter 5He refused to be defeated by a damned female. Nellie Kan should benaked and in chains, preparing herself to be auctioned off to a husband.

Sheshould not be in his lab, or rather, she should not be in the lab that would havebeen his had he gotten that promotion instead of Nellie. He knew that young Miklos was frightened, terrifiedeven, but then so was Boris.

Nobody, not even the right-hand hired arms of the Hierarchy leadersthemselves, ever dared to venture to the Outside. Life outside of the biosphereswas violent and ruthless, for the only sorts that dwelled within the jungles wereoutlaws and sub-humans. The first group would cut your throat withouthesitation that they might dig the yen chip out of your brain and steal yourassets, while the second group would cut your throat without nary a qualm thatthey might dine upon you at their leisure.

No—the Outside was no place any man ever wanted to go. But then this wasan extreme circumstance, he doggedly reminded himself. A hybrid insect, which had the body of a beetle and the small but sharptalons of a predator buzzed over his head, causing him to gulp. He doubted Dr. Karli would givehim any credit for his help any way. Karli would act as though he had done itall himself and give neither Nellie nor Miklos any credit.

It is not important who actually develops it. But Miklos could see for himself that Dr. Karli was already angry, so he kept his thoughts to himself. Enough was enough. He was not about to surrenderhis life to the Outside in the name of Boris Karli and his misplaced loathing ofDr. Karli shook an enraged finger at him. Losing my position in life ismuch more desirable than losing my life altogether.

His blue eyes twinkled as he mockingly saluted the doctor, then turnedon his heel to leave the jungle. His hand shook withrage as he balled it into a tight fist. If he had to go into the jungle alone, then sobe it. To those with guts went the glory. How else could he hope to competeagainst her? The slut wasalways taking off her clothes, giving Henders his own little perverted jack-offmaterial.

He was Boris Karli—a male—and he would develop that damned serum before Nellie did if it was the lastthing he ever accomplished. Boris tightened his hold on the flash-stick, his senses on full alert.

He ignoredthe frightening buzzing sounds of the hybrid insects hovering overhead andmade his way deeper into the jungle. He would find a nest of sub-humans. He would abstract a bit of DNA fromthem, and then he would develop that serum. Chapter 6Nellie stood at the far end of the massive ballroom within the FathomSystems corridor of the Altun Ha biosphere and stared unblinkingly at a starcarriercruising by in the nighttime sky.

Perhaps the planet Kalast, she thought dreamily, her index finger swirlingaround the rim of the chalice of spirits she held. The planet was allegedly red-tintedand filled with lush mountainscapes…sort of like a habitable Mars.

And, evenbetter, Kalast was an oasis for females as the government was operated solely bywomen. Female Earthlings were forbidden by the Federation Charterof to venture off-planet without a male escort. And even then they had to bebound to him with sensory chains. No male would be fool enough to vacation ona planet where his woman would have an opportunity to flee from him withoutthe security of sensory chains.

Kan, what a pleasure it is to see you again. She thought nothing of it when he began stroking her nipples, for it wasthe legal right of a male to caress an unmarried female in any way he chose to doso, so long as she was lower in the Hierarchy than he.

She smiled, then turned onher boot heel to greet her former professor and mentor. She handed her chaliceover to a passing by droid. Treymor Lorin had to be in his late fifties by now, yet he was still ashandsome and distinguished looking as ever, if not more so, she thought. Lorin that she had beengiven. Treymor Lorinwas everything her current protector Vorice Henders was not—honorable,dedicated to his work, and loyal to those under his protection. Her eyes closed brieflywhen the beginnings of arousal stirred in her belly from the gentle nipplemassage Dr.

Lorin was giving to her. He grinned, his thumbs working her stiff nipples into a pleasurous ache. He deepened thenipple massage as he studied her features, his fingers expertly remembering howshe liked it best. Her former protector backed her up against the black glass wall, thenpressed his erection against her tummy. It was implicitly understoodby all in attendance that should Dr. Lorin decide to fuck her right here and nowfor all to see, Nellie was expected to not only submit to his desire, but to showgratitude for the privilege of being wanted by a male so esteemed.

At eighteen, when Nellie had first been sent to Dr. Lorin had never balked at the opportunity, but had reveled in it instead. And yet asshe stood here in the ballroom and felt him press his erection against her baredmons, she found that at thirty-two she did mind. Lorin backed up slightly and replaced his erection with his hand. Nelliefelt his gossamer white robe tickle her thigh when he took a step back.

Jaid Black - [Trek Mi Qan 05.5] - Dementia [EC Aeon] (retail) (epub)

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The children; The swearing of the hayloft of convivial needles; He does not stick to the straightforward story of Lord Jim's life, but Benjamin reads the side of the van and tells the truth. Most of the mental confinement that is evident in the novel is partly due to the historical context of the story.

Twelve Moons The subject and. The book was written in the early s. Kara grunted. The male began to moan loudly at the frenzied milking of his cock. Kara nodded her head. Mayhap he had actually loved— Cease your mental babbling. Try as she might. Kara idly considered the fact that a warrior would never submit to being tagged.

Kara gritted her teeth. Dorra soothed the stinging sensation the laser scan had left behind by running her tongue across the length of the brand. A warrior would have done his own brand of tagging via a bridal necklace. When the noise of hysterically sobbing Galian males reached her ears through the dense Trefa jungle.

She had no choice. Kara had to admit he was impressive of face and form. She knew for a certainty why Dorra coveted him so. When Vrek whimpered.

Kara grimaced at the inferior sound. Trystonni females might grow frightened when they are claimed by warriors. For a male who was not a warrior.

Chapter 2 Holo-Port 3 Trader City. The highly advanced chemical branding device made a whirring sound.

Her nipples hardened into tight points as she came down beside him and ran a hand along the sleek contours of his body. The six-and-a-half-footer could never couple with any wench but Dorra or his cock would explode. Dari shivered. When he had been naught but the lowly son of a credits-poortrelli miner. He had an endurance few could match let alone surpass. Neither she nor Bazi could ever go back.

Even her eyes were kept closed that her glowing blue orbs might not give so much as a hint that a stowaway was aboard ship. Dari clutched tightly the hand of the boy-child she had rescued. Cam had circumnavigated the loch four times. Mayhap it would even have killed Gio when he discovered how and why she had died… Gio. From her hiding place within Pod Nine. There were reasons. Reasons he would never forgive her for. Yet she could not return to him.

She knew that if their hiding place was discovered they would be sent back to Arak in all haste. She would do naught to give herself away. She had tried to remain steadfast. This moon-rising. She could feel Bazi shaking beside her.

It would have killed her and Bazi had she not fled the palace in all haste. The first time he had swum the loch contained within the grounds of the Palace of the Dunes. Everyone that he loved—hismani. He had tracked him. The wealth of the stronghold had been beyond his ken. The first time Cam had laid eyes on the Palace of the Dunes he had nigh unto swallowed his own tongue. Cam had played the part of the executioner and had thought no more on it. He had experienced no guilt for the High Lord had deserved his fate for a certainty.

Cam had gone insane—as insane as the starved gulch beasts that sometimes leave their pits in Koror to hunt humanoid flesh whenever their food supply grows too low. All of those women—enchanted and real—had belonged to one man. The warriors had been donned in blue leathers—the emblem of High Lords—so Cam had absently wondered if they had been sent to kill him for murdering one of their own.

With his family dead. Of course. One morn Cam had gone off to labor within thetrelli mines—slave labor he now realized himself to have been—and when he returned home for the eve. Cam had argued that he was but the son of atrelli miner—that he knew naught of the warring arts. Two months later. Their channels existed to milk him. Cam had felt a boyish giddiness move through him. Cam had spent the next few Yessat months hunting down the humanoid flesh of the rebel leader who had murdered his family.

Finely dressed and highly skilled warriors were everywhere. Like a hungered gulch beast. Cam had been working the mines in a sector twenty days walk from his birth village when three finely dressed warriors had entered the squabble of a place where he had found employment and had demanded to speak to him directly. Cam could still recall the way his good friend Jek had grinned at him when Cam had hoarsely told him there must have been a mistake.

Cam pulled on his leathers and strode back toward the palace. When Kara had died. Now he realized he had been played for the fool. Cam had not a care for his reflection. Kara too had feigned sleep. For the first time in ever. That water had been as sweetly silver as the waters of the loch he now swam in—his very own. Every moon-rising back in Sand City. But where the mirror-clear waters of the loch within the lands of the Palace of the Dunes had inspired him.

Jaid Black

He refused to let anyone see how broken he felt without her nearness. On Planet Zideon. How can you know this? The reflection had been one filled with promise. In Sand City. He had thought she had come to have a care for him. He deliberately never gazed upon himself before jumping into Loch Lia-Rah.

But now. I take it. He summoned a bottle of vintagematpow from the raised table and settled into hisvesha -bench. Gio absently raked a hand across his chin. The tiny hairs at the back of his neck stood up.

If Jana was alive that meant also that— Nay. His hearts rate picked up. If Dari coupled with that male. And Galian wenches. Cam waved a hand toward Gio as his thoughts turned in a new direction.

Such was not possible. I have been tempted a time or two by the sight of so many erect cocks. Her nostrils flared. Kara grinned. In many ways Galis reminded her of a saga hermani had once told her about a little girl named Alice and her adventures in a place called Wonderland.

She knew how her sorely missed cousin felt. She turned to Kara. Dari looked away. The male servant attending to you holds yours. Like Alice. I believe it. Dari sighed as she finished the last bit of her stew. A rarity for her. I see it. She cleared her throat. Everything on Galis was different. He was sired of a different species altogether. She wished too that she understood how the six-foot boy-child named Bazi who had accompanied Dari to Galis factored into it.

But thirty Nuba-minutes later. What is wrong? Her glowing blue gaze clashed with his piercing silver one. Kara vowed to herself that she would find a way to get her cousin to confide in her. I shall be up shortly.

There is…information there I might find useful. Would you like to accompany me? She felt her mouth watering as she gingerly plucked the small towel from his large cock and patted at her lips with it.

She could see the anger in the clenching of his jaw. Kara realized she would say naught else on the subject. He stood as tall and as big as any warrior. She wished she knew what it was that her cousin had endured before finding passage to Galis.

He possessed the eyes of a predator. She needed to mate. Then her eyes narrowed determinedly as her jaw did some clenching of its own. A moment passed in silence. She gasped as her nipples hardened painfully. His silver eyes promised retribution.

She would entertain her bizarre thoughts no longer. Perspiration dotted her brow as the most intense wave of heat suffused her. It matters naught for you are mine. What in the name of the holy sands was happening to her? Jana had heard tell ofheeka-beasts andgazi-kors going into heat when the need to reproduce was upon them. The desire to mate with him was so paramount as to be painful.

She narrowed her eyes as she spoke to him. He was but a gift from Klykka and therefore hers for the taking. Her body fair screamed for release just gazing upon him. Gio murmured. He was the reason. The others had made different plans.

She doubted that he would ever forgive her. Jana had decided to remain behind to bring her wayward and newly acquired male servant to heel. She sometimes felt overcome with the need to return to him. Kara took a deep breath and expelled it.

Still crawling upon all fours. What was done was done. Her body remained unmoving. Like as naught. She felt the anger penetrate her body. Her fear was a thousand times worse now.

Kara closed her eyes on a wince. She had chosen her own path and she had willingly traveled down it. She began to sweat. No matter that a part of her hearts had secretly hoped this day would come. Without thinking. And yet—nothing happened. Her hearts rate was so high she feared she might do something embarrassingly weak like swoon. In that moment. She slithered closer to the next brush then came down on her elbows when she neared it.

And right now. She had heard it whisper to her in her every waking fantasy and sleeping dream these past five Yessat years. The feeling was frightening. She sucked in her breath. She felt two and twenty again—young and driven by desperation. Now that it was here and she felt the tentative control he had on his emotions threatening to snap. She was frightened—powerfully frightened—and because of that fact she refused to look back at him.

She had made choices in her youth and they were choices she must now pay the price for as a wench grown. She made a small whimpering noise.

Even the simple movement of her neck had been summoned. She would never—. His large hands began to knead her buttocks and she could tell without needing to look upon him that his eyes were feasting on the ripe flesh between her thighs. How dare he inform with such calm stoicism that he meant to punish herafter they had mated? She would never submit.

His breathing grew heavier. When he said nothing for long moments. Kara began to nibble at her lower lip. He pressed his face against her swollen channel and inhaled the scent of her. When his large palms settled upon her buttocks. His fingers replaced his tongue. His tongue flicked at her clit in hard. You will be punished at my hands for a certainty. After all that she had done to shame him. She wanted him to suck on her. How could he respond to her this way? She was accustomed to being an independent wench—long accustomed.

Down on all fours and unable to move. Just then she heard a sound. When she tried to swivel her head that she might look upon him. That visage had caused her to feel lucky as a girl-child. Large and fiercely muscled. She gasped at the sensation of being so full. Kara slowly. How could they ever carry on as Sacred Mates?

And then he began to move his cock in and out of her in long. Blood rushed to her face. His fingers dug into the flesh of her hips as he rotated his own hips and burrowed into her in a series of slow.

She had nigh unto forgotten how powerfully handsome he was. She needed—something. She needed to move. Unable to refrain from looking upon him any longer. And yet somehow throughout the years. The effect drove her mad. Feeling defensive. Being unable to move. And all the harder. His jaw clenched.

She felt in a frenzy. She had hurt him. The orgasm had been so harsh that she felt shaky and yet the summoning of her body prevented her from shaking. Kara felt him gather her into his heavily muscled arms a sheer moment before the blackness came and began to overtake her. The sound of him moaning and groaning as he pummeled obliviously into her depths made her belly clench and knot. He took her hard. She wanted more. She had to wonder at her fate. As her bridal necklace began to pulse.

She threw her hips back at him in a state of near-delirium. Their breathing was heavy and labored. Their flesh made suctioning sounds as it slapped together. She wanted it faster. Where non-Trystonni females sometimes felt pain upon the loss of their virginity. On a groan that was loud enough to make up for five years outside of twenty Nuba-minutes. Her gasps.

It took but three seconds for Kara to understand why a Sacred Mate could pleasure a wench as no other. Being down on all fours made her breasts bounce around wantonly. The women warriors of her command had laid his eight foot long and heavily muscled body out in spread-eagle fashion.

Chapter 6 Meanwhile. And what. The need to mate with the male. She had to obey him. Twice now he had called her thus. For a certainty she would not answer a question put to her by a slave so bold as this one. Galians usedboggi rarely. One night-black eyebrow rose up fractionally as his silver eyes insolently drank in the sight of her naked breasts.

She began to pant—from need and fear. She needed to remove herself from his presence before she mated him. At least not yet.

Her body. Her eyes flicked open as she warily looked down upon him. She groaned as her hand flew up and clamped to her forehead. Her breasts heaving up and down. Her eyes widened as she gazed up into his face. She was crazed for a certainty. Her breathing grew more and more labored as sexual need turned into acute fear. Her hands trembled with the effort of resisting him and a silky sheen of perspiration covered her body as her fingers threaded through the strings of the flimsy bluezoka and slowly pushed the g-string down her hips.

This male meant to keep her. Her need was so great. Piercing silver eyes. As he whirled her around to face him. Not merely desirous. Every step felt heavy. Her body was his to command. He— Eh? Jana shook her head to clear it. She tried with every fiber of her being to resist the mental push he was giving her. Shoulder-length black hair. He owned her. He was her master. A strong jaw. Unfathomable and terrifying.

That he was chained to the floor did naught to quell her anxiety. She swallowed roughly as her rounded eyes flew wildly up to meet his. Silver— Oh goddess. Or that his nearness had done this to her. She cried out in pleasure as his flesh impaled hers. She knew without a doubt he had done this to her. Her body screamed for surcease.

Jana reared up her hips. His jaw tightened. His nostrils flared as he inhaled her scent. She felt as though she was in a semi-trance. She could endure no more. Fill your womb—fill your womb—fill your womb… The words pounded through her mind. Jana moaned as another. She had to feel him rutting in her—needed his seed implanted in her womb with a compulsion the likes of which terrified her.

She knew then and there that he had won. He raised her up by the buttocks and slowly. In a series of swift movements. She knew naught which.

His callused palms continued to knead her buttocks as he stared down into her face with a dark. Yorin closed his eyes and breathed deeply. The look he gave her was arrogant.

She could feel her clit pulsing. She needed his seed like she needed air to breathe and food to eat. Jana clamped down as hard as was possible on his jugular vein whilst her flesh made sucking sounds as it enveloped him within her. Yorin moaned and groaned as he pounded into her. She could feel him tense with pleasure and knowing she had made him feel thusly emboldened her.

Yorin burst and he spurted his warm liquid deep inside of her. Only then. She craved his seed. Slamming down hard upon his erection. Within moments she was bursting. Her hips slammed down harder. Her last conscious thought before the blackness overtook her was that he had bound her to him for life. Purely on instinct. He rode her long and animalistically. Half groaning and half growling. Up and down she rode him whilst he held her.

He carried her to the raised bed. Jana bore down upon his cock once more.

But finally. But why? Turning back to face Kari. There was but one choice. Her eyes flicked to a few feet behind them where Bazi stood.

Name the place and let us be gone. When Dari looked at her quizzically. She took a deep breath. Mayhap she would be murdered too. As loathe as she was to admit it. The next day Kara sat across from Cam at the raised table aboard the gastrolight cruiser and partook of the evening repast. She looked away from him and sighed. Her nostrils flared instead. I cannot trust you. She gasped when one of his hands clamped about her wrist.

She could feel his turquoise eyes boring holes into the side of her face. She felt sick in the pit of her stomach realizing as she did that his words were true. Another fiercer stab of guilt lanced through her. She would not. She had shamed him—shamed and embarrassed him. Her eyes watched him warily. He began to walk towards her.

Or tried to partake of it was mayhap more to the point. She felt a little girl-child again. She and Jana had caused much pain for many.

Answer me again. She steeled herself for the next one. His voice was like ice and it frightened her for a certainty. She had heard the rumors. She wanted to curse Cam. Kara felt her teeth grind together at the cool command of his tone.

And then she added for clarity. He gave her a small. His large hand stilled upon the cheek of one red buttock. Too softly. Throughout the whole of it she managed to retain her quiet dignity in front of Cam and his men. Four more sharp spanks crashed down upon the flesh of her buttocks.

After taking a deep breath. On a sigh.